What We Do

We use our knowledge, skills and tools to drive results and enhance brand awareness.

Pay Per Click

At Doing Digital we provide and create Pay-Per-Click services for all markets and audiences, including Paid Search Ads, Social advertising, Display Ads and Remarketing Ads.

Affiliate Marketing

As a media buyer we have scope to offer you flexibility and choice within the affiliate space. Managing our own network also enables us to push the net wide and negotiate compelling commercials.

Email Marketing

A fast and effective digital marketing strategy. Yes, email marketing works, it always has, you just need to know what you are doing.

Social Marketing

Social ad spend has surpassed TV ad spend. Why? Because it gets your audience to react and evolve your business offering to fit their requirements. Get ahead of the game by using Social marketing.

Mobile Marketing

Who doesn’t use their phone to check for messages? Mobile marketing is here and it is the future. We can help you with all aspects of your mobile marketing strategy.

Web Services

Anything that appears in a browser no matter how shiny and exciting requires development. Your ideas and dreams can only be made reality through skilled design & development.