Doing Digital provide and create Pay-Per-Click services for all markets and audiences including Paid Search Ads, Social advertising, Display Ads and Re-marketing Ads.

Unless you have spent the last 5 years on a different planet you will be aware of the power of Mobile communication. It is estimated that there are 5 billion people who own a mobile phone and more than 90 per cent of them have their phones with them all of the time. In short, the audience is massive and the reach is; in marketing terms, compelling.

In addition to the large audience, technology is moving at such a rate that new ways to deliver and communicate content is enabling people to react on their mobiles as opposed to traditional mediums. Any brand that does not have mobile friendly content is in the technology equivalent of the dark ages.

At Doing Digital we work in mobile marketing communication and design, every hour of every day. We recognise and understand the in’s and out’s of mobile communication, which is why many of our clients use us to build and deploy their campaigns. We are able to feed-back and react to the audience in real time enabling a virtual two way conversation that has unlimited potential. Whether you want to acquire, engage, educate or resolve, mobile marketing can perform it swiftly and cost effectively.

What we can offer

  • The ability to send any size of campaign
  • Full mobile interactive design
  • Fast turn around
  • HLR live number checking
  • Dynamic trigger response
  • Off line integration
  • Help with compliance
  • Data management
  • Knowledge
  • Mobile handset capture
  • TPS/CTPS screening
  • A cheesy grin of satisfaction