The skill is finding them and engaging with them while reacting to their behaviour. A lot of Doing Digital’s clients don’t have the time and resource to penetrate the social space which is where we can come in.

From Twitter to Facebook to Pintrest to YouTube and beyond, Doing Digital have the skills and resources to build and deploy smart campaigns built on client strategies and Doing Digital knowhow.

A step by step approach can be the best way to start building a strategic campaign within the social space. This enables Doing Digital to analysis and react in real time to audience behaviour. We can manage your social campaigns in full producing analysis and reports that clients can use across all of their Marketing strategies. Alternatively Doing Digital can introduce elements of the social space to enhance clients target audience.

Our services include

  • Facebook apps, advertising & lookalike targets
  • Competition & general incentivised campaigns
  • Twitter engagement, management & engagement
  • YouTube advertising build & management
  • Media creation
  • Social analytics
  • Consultancy services & Social media strategy